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FS2214 Beluga Glass Cutting Kit.

The Beluga Glass Cutting Kit is designed to cut Laminated Safety Glass found in windshields, hurricane windows, commercial and residential construction glass.    Laminated glass is described as two layers or more of safety glass with a laminated plastic core.  The plastic is melted or adhered to the safety glass sheets so when shattered it will tend to hold the sheets and chips together by the plastic bond inside.   This is safe glass for the general public but a problem for first responders to cut through when fast removal is required.  

Please watch the video below and see how the Beluga Glass Cutter might be the safest and fastest method available.

Beluga Glass Cutter

Beluga Glass Cutter in Action
The first thing you might notice in the video is the operators are able to navigate around the vehicles roof and A-Posts without removing the tool to reposition.  The Beluga Cutting Head is not permanently fixed to the drill, so it has the ability to rotate 360 degrees at the chuck.  You can navigate the hanging battery away from obstructions when making 90 degree turns too.  No need to constantly remove the tool and poke another hole in the glass to continue the cut.   This saves precious time and effort.  

Since the tool can rotate on the drill, the operators were able to work together as a team.  One could pass the tool off to their partner to continue the cut, holding the tool safely.     

The second important point is the Beluga Glass Cutting Kit does not include the drill.  Most rescue companies have their own favorite drill, including spare batteries and wired chargers.  Buying another battery operated tool would be a waste of your money and precious compartment space.   Battery operated tools are available everywhere, when your drill fails, just snap another one on, you don't need to replace the entire cutting system. 

Beluga Glass Cutting Kit

Beluga Glass Cutting Kit

FS2214 Beluga Glass Cutting Kit.

FS2214 Beluga Cutting Head
20 Oz Balanced Pick Hammer
(2) 4.5" Suction Cups
Safety Glasses (clear lens)
Zippered Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Manufacturers List Price  $595.00
Beluga FS2214 Cutting Head

Beluga FS2214 Cutting Head

Beluga FS2214 Cutting Head

The Beluga FS2214 Cutting Head is a heavy duty tool.  Built with oversized ball bearings, a hardened drive shaft, cutting blade and housing, it is designed to last.  

The Beluga is supplied with a 1/4" locking drive shaft so it can be used on a standard 3/8" battery operated drill or a 1/4" impact driver.   

The hardened steel blade and shoe are field replaceable, although we don't anticipate a lot of blade changes from our testing.
Beluga Facts

  • The Beluga Blade reciprocates under the glass crushing it while pushing the bulk of the debris away from the vehicle compartment.
  • The Beluga Cutter cuts close to the dashboard.  Unlike reciprocating and hand saws, The Beluga blade penetrates less than one inch and only reciprocates 3/8" upward.
  • The Beluga Cutter pulverizes glass.  It does not cut or shear it, so the blade has no sharp edges 
  • The Beluga Blade and shoe tolerance are an "interference fit."  This limits the amount of glass dust falling into the passenger compartment