Cylinder Accountability Tag CAT


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Cylinder Accountability Tag System 
Take control your High Pressure SCBA refilling process
Protect your firefighters and equipment

The CAT Will:
  • Determine who is authorized to refill High Pressure cylinders and keep others out.
  • Control the pressure your SCBA cylinders are filled to and only fill to their maximum rating
  • Refill only those SCBA cylinders within their maximum life range
  • Refill only those SCBA cylinders with a current hydrostatic test date
  • Record the entire fill session for agency required record keeping.

The Firehouse Systems, Inc.,  Cylinder Accountability Tag System, (CAT), does what 40 years of Breathing Air Compressor upgrades and control systems never did...   Protect your department, your refillers and SCBA Cylinders from human error and oversight. 

Over the years, the advances in High Pressure Breathing Air Systems concentrated on motor control, compressor temperature, H20 and CO Levels, LED lights, touch control screen and alarms to alert you when something was wrong with your air compressor.   But nothing alerted you when there was something wrong with your cylinders or refilling procedures.   There are no flashing lights to remind you to reset the system pressure regulator from 5500 PSI to 4500 PSI or 2216 PSI when you switched cylinders.  There are no alarms to tell you the SCBA Cylinder you are refilling is past its maximum life or out of hydro and nothing to collect the data required by NFPA, OSHA and DOT.  

In a volunteer department you could have as many as 100 different firefighters refilling SCBA cylinders during the course of a year.   A large city department may have a handful of paid employees.  Regardless of the number of refillers your department has, unless they are carefully trained, diligent and perform the refilling process routinely, there is too much room for human error.  We have seen many cylinders filled past their hydro date, expiration date or at too high of a pressure.   Records are spotty at best.   And not many care, until someone gets hurt and OSHA wants your refilling and service records.  Do you have records?  Are they accurate?  Is every cylinder refill recorded, properly, legibly? 

Introducing the CAT by Firehouse Systems, Inc. 
A complete, automatic Cylinder Accountability System. 

Controls who can refill air cylinders. 
Only those authorized by your department can access the refilling system.  Unauthorized operators are shut out.

Monitors cylinder pressure compatibility
The CAT checks each cylinder pressure in the refilling system, comparing them to each other.  The CAT will not allow you to mix cylinder pressures within the fill enclosure.   That means, no more blown shear discs or stretched cylinders when low pressure and high pressure cylinders are mixed in one filling cycle

Fills SCBA Cylinders to rated pressure, backing up your system regulator.
The CAT knows the rated pressure of the cylinder being filled and stops the air flow once that pressure is met.  No more refilling 2.2's to 4.5 when the regulator wasn't reset.  No more refilling your SCBA "just a couple of hundred pounds over rated pressure."  Overfilling, even just a few hundred PSI, stretches SCBA cylinders and is the main cause of cylinder failure during hydrostatic retesting.

Inspects cylinder manufacturing date
The CAT Inspects cylinder manufactured dates assuring your departments SCBA cylinders are not refilled past their 15, 20 or 30 year maximum life.

Inspects Hydrostatic Test Dates.
The Cat assures your SCBA cylinders are not filled when past hydrostatic retesting requirements

Maintains a complete refill record for DOT, NFPA and OSHA
These agencies require complete SCBA refilling records.  When asked you need to produce your records to be in compliance.   With the CAT, you will be prepared to state by serial number:
  • Who refilled your cylinders
  • Date and time they were refilled
  • How many times a particular cylinder was refilled
  • Pressure the cylinders were refilled to. 
  • Was the cylinder refilled within current hydrostatic testing
  • Is the cylinder within its maximum life or expired 
The CAT records this data automatically and sends it to you via email  (email address and wireless connection required.) 

Email those records to your fire department officials.
Find which cylinders were filled within a certain date range or report on all cylinder activity
Determine which cylinders were filled by a particular employee
See which cylinders are due for hydrostatic retesting by date
Determine what cylinders are expiring by date
See your cylinder service data by S/N for your accountably requirements
Synchronize the data between different machines in separate locations
Maintain a complete inventory record of your cylinders.

Permanent Records and Cloud Storage.
We offer two options to protect your data in the CAT system.

A) Back up to a storage disc within the system.  This will protect your cylinder serial number data, expiration dates and refilling data to a disc installed in the back of the computer.   If the computer should fail, this data can be downloaded into a new computer and all your records will be maintained

B) Cloud Storage.  Offsite complete record storage of all data the CAT accumulates over time, including cylinder serial numbers, expiration dates, hydro dates, refilling data and access ability of operators as in option A.

 Additional features of Cloud Storage;
1) If the computer fails, or is stolen all of your data can be sent into a new CAT computer over the internet.

2) All CAT computers at all locations will synchronize every three hours, so your records are up to date. 

3) Department officials can run reports from their desktop, without having to visit each machine to send an email.

4) Your cylinder service provider can upload cylinder maintenance records as they occur from their office when the service is performed.   Example:  Coastal Fire Systems hydrostatically tests 12 cylinders and rebuilds two valves, those cylinder maintenance records will be changed from our shop before the cylinders are returned.

5) Software bugs, hardware issues and upgrades can be repaired from our office without the added service charges of working on site, identifying the problem and returning to make the repair.   All software upgrades are included and would be automatic at no additional cost for that software and service. 

Take control of your refilling compressor 
 Maintain the required records automatically
Take human error out of the process

Cylinder Accountability Tag CAT, SCBA

Log In Screen

Cylinder Accountability Tag Sign in Screen.

To prevent unauthorized users and to record the refillers name to the record,  SCBA Refillers must have a CAT-RFID card to sign into the system.

 We offer an optional finger print reader (CAT-PAW) in lieu of the CAT-RFID card.  With the CAT-PAW option, perators would use their finger to access the CAT System. 

Set up by the Fire Department administrator, only trained operators can refill in-service SCBA cylinders.
Cylinder Accountabiltiy Tag, CAT, SCBA

Administrators Screen

Administrators Screen

When the CAT system recognizes an administrators personal RFID Card, or fingerprint,  the screen on the left will appear on the touch Screen terminal.

The Administrator has access to all data and operations within the system.

The administrator can:
Refill Cylinders
Assign and remove authorized users
Email reports, Enter new cylinders & Modify existing cylinder data, including updating hydro dates
SCBA Accountability, CAT, Cylinder

Authorized Users Screen

Authorized User Screen

Within the CAT System there is an authorized user screen accessible only to the Fire Department Administrator.

When working in this screen, the administrator can:
Add New Users
Remove Users
Assign Authorization access

System administrator is reserved for your CAT Dealer in setting up and programming the CAT for your Fire Department.
SCBA Accountability, CAT Cylinder Refill

Add New User Screen

Add New User Screen

Adding a new user to access your refill system and fill cylinders is as easy as entering their name with the pop up keyboard.

Choose the type of user, Administrator or refiller.    Enter an email address so the person associated with this card can have reports emailed to an address the department chooses to use.

Generate reports to dentify hydro due dates, cylinders refilling date, all cylinders or by chosen date range
SCBA Cylinder Accountability, CAT

Add New Cylinder Screen

Add New Cylinder

Adding and modifying existing cylinders is easy and fast.

Read the tag that was installed on the cylinder and chose the data associated with that cylinder.  

When entering multiple cylinders with the same information, the defaults you picked on the last cylinder remain on the screen, all you need to do is change the S/N
CAT Cylinder Accoutability, SCBA

Refilling Cylinders

Refilling Screen

The CAT refilling screen is clear and consice.   We are showing the CAT when used on a two position fill enclosure.  In Three position Systems, there will be three positions, gauges and data displayed.

Each cylinder position is read and all the cylinder data is displayed as seen on the left.

In addition to the standard cylinder data. The last person who filled the cylinder, Date and Time are also displayed.

This information is key to providing NFPA, DOT and OSHA reports when required and can be emailed to the Fire Departments Administrator on demand.

Watch the Youtube Video, below.

Cat System