FlexLite Command Center

  • Quick and easy, one person set up, use with or without tri-pod
  • Touch Screen Windows Based Computer 
     Comes with customizable software, or use your own.
     Install local maps, phone directory and other software on the                  standard windows based computer, or use the software provided. 
  • Wi-Fi Capable.
  • Lights and Camera, wireless, instant pairing camera
  • Deploy up to 8 Cameras. 
  • Command post magnets can be used.
  • Direct write on asset management. 
FlexLite Command Center
FlexLite Command Center
FlexLite Camera
FlexLite Camera
The FlexLite Camera and Lightbar are made for outdoor duty.   The powerful LED's and camera are powered by the onboard rechargeable battery.   To set up, just turn on the FlexLite Command Center, then turn on the cameras and if desired, the lights.  You can set the Camera and Light to view any angle of the building or scene you need to monitor. 

Each light includes its own tripod and antenna for easy placement. Put it in the street, on a sidewalk or an adjoining roof top.  You can set it on the ground without the tri-pod or mount it right to your truck. The FlexLite can monitor up to 8 cameras on one Command Center.

Fire, Police, Riot Control, Training, Parades, Security.  
FlexLite Command Center Ops
FlexLite Command Center Operation
FlexLite Command Video
FlexLite Wireless Camera & Light Bar
FlexLite Wireless Camera & LightBar
Coming soon...  FlexLight with thermal imaging for mounting direct to your bucket truck, ladder and extension monitor.   View the action and thermal image directly from the safety of the ground.