Gas Driven PPV Fan

Special Operations  Power Blower Gas Drive.

Special Op Gas PPV
Special Op PPV
Special Op PPV Fan 3
Tempest Special Op's

The Tempest Special Operations Power Blower, or SP for short, is the latest addition to Tempests Extensive line of world famous Power Blowers.  Designed to tackle unique fire ground ventilation scenarios, the SP's specialized air pattern is highly effective when ventilating stairwells, complex-multistory buildings and large structures greater than 5000 square feet.  Designed to be deployed 8-11 feet from the entry point, providing additional safe access for personnel.
Tempest Special Op's Specifications

  • Positive Pressure Ventilation - Laminar Air-Flow design
  • SP Designed Tapered Aluminum Shroud
  • Continuous Circular Wound, Flattened Zinc Coated Steel Grille w/6 tie points for safety
  • Welded Square Steel Tubing,  8" Non-Pneumatic Wheels with Steel Hubs
  • Manual Foot Set, 
  • Six position Tilt: -5 Degree to +15 degree
  • Attractive, Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Meets UL Standards

SP-18-H200 18" Blade, 15,792 CFM, Honda GX200 5.5 HP Engine  20.5" x 21.5" x 22.5" 86 lbs
SP-21-H270 21" Blade, 19,396 CFM, Honda GX275 8.4 HP Engine 24.5" x  25.75" x 24" 116 lbs

Tempest Direct Drive, Gas Driven, Positive Pressure Ventilator

Tempest Gas Drive 1
Tempest Gas Drive 2
Tempest Gas Drive 3
Tempest Direct Drive
Gas Driven PPV

Tempest's line of Direct-Drive Power Blowers were among the first units on the scene, only to follow their signature Belt-Driven Drive Fans.  Mobile, reliable and high performance, gasoline powered fans offer some of the best CFM levels available.  Whether you've just begun implementing your PPV/PPA Tactics, or a veteran user of over 20 years, there's no going wrong with a Tempest Direct Drive PPV Fan.
Tempest Direct Drive, Gas Driven PPV Specifications

Type: Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan - Cone Air Flow
Blade: Turbo 2000 Design, Tapered Aluminum w/powder coat finish
Grille: Continuous Circular Wound, Zinc-Plated Steel w/8 Tie Points for Additional Safety
Certifications:  Meets UL Safety Standards
Frame: Welded, Square, Powder Coated Steel Tubing
Manual Foot Operated Set  "Winning Step"
Five Position Tilt -5 Degrees to + 15 Degrees
Can be ordered with a Honda or Briggs and Stratton OHV engine.

Honda       Briggs & Stratton
700-086     DD-16-H5.5      16" Blade, 4.8 HP, 12,008 CFM,  20.50" x 19.75" x 21.75"  77 lbs
700-024     DD-18-H5.5      18" Blade, 4.8 HP, 14,773 CFM,  22.75" x 21.00" x 24.50"  80 lbs
700-050     DD-21-H-6.5     21" Blade, 5.5 HP, 20,152 CFM,  25.00"  x 21.00" x 26.25" 84 lbs
700-017     DD-24-H-6.5     24" Blade, 5.5 HP, 19,606 CFM,  28.25" x 21.25" x 30.00"  91 lbs

Tempest Belt Drive, Gasoline Driven PPV Fans

Tempest Belt Drive Blower
Tempest Belt Drive Blower
Tempest Belt Drive, Gas Engine Blower

A Tempest Belt-Drive is the original PPV Power Blower and still the best for fire department applications.  Offering the stability, durability and reliability that todays fire departments require.  Available in 18" to 27" diameter blade sizes,

  • Belt-Drive systems help absorb engine vibration, preventing the blower from "Walking" on smooth surfaces.
  • Belt-Drive Sheaves are tuned to match engine HP and RPM, maximizing output per Brake Horse Power
  • Belt-Drive engines sit lower in the frame offering higher stability.
  • Large pneumatic wheels and fold down handle make the Tempest Belt-Drive Blower easy to maneuver from the Rig to the Scene.
  • 7 Models and sizes to fit most Fire Department needs and budgets.
Tempest Belt Drive Blower Specifications.

700-001   18" Blade Diameter,   Tecumseh Engine  5.5 HP,  4070 RPM,  10,903 CFM  21.50"W x 21.00"D x 24.25"H 79 lbs.
700-103   18" Blade Diamter,     Honda Engine        5.5 HP,  3870 RPM,  15,023 CFM, 21.50"W x 21.00"D x 24.25"H 85 lbs.

700-003   21" Blade Diameter,   Tecumseh Engine  5.5 HP,  3350 RPM,  18,673 CFM, 25.00"W x 22.00D x 26.25"H  87 lbs. 
700-021   21" Blade Diameter,   Honda Engine        6.5 HP,  3,125 RPM, 17,743 CFM, 25.00"W x 22.00D x 26.25"H  86 lbs.

700-006   24" Blade Diameter,   Tecumseh Engine  5.5 HP, 3,190 RPM, 17,314 CFM, 28.25"W x 22.00"D x 31.00"H 86 lbs.
700-020   24" Blade Diameter,   Honda Engine        6.5 HP, 3,175 RPM, 18,130 CFM, 28.25"W x 22.00"D x 31.00"H 92 lbs.

700-258   27" Blade Diameter,   Honda Engine        9.0 HP, 2,672 RPM, 23,943 CFM, 30.50"W x 23.50"D x 32.50"H 155 lbs.