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North American Fire Hose Coupling
Take a look at the country of origin...
Before you buy those cheaper hoses

NFPA 1961, Standard on Fire Hose, 2013 Editions, 5.6.1 "Marking" states: "Each length of fire hose shall be indelibly marked in letters and figures at least 1 in. high with the manufacturer's identification and the words "service test pressure to" ( the rated test pressure) per NFPA 1962 Standard for the Inspection, Care and Use of Fire Hose, Couplings and Nozzles and the Service Testing of Fire Hose. 

Just because it sounds like it was
Made in America... 
Doesn't mean it was!

Inspect your couplings too, some imports have American sounding names but are actually made overseas with couplings supplied by off shore manufacturers.  When your life depends on the fire hose you are using, you need to be assured the quality is good enough to protect your life.  The biggest complaint we get from people who use off shore hose is the couplings fail prematurely, like when the fire is still raging and their firefighters were inside!   Corrosion attacks the swivels and threads first causing couplings to split or decouple under pressure.   

North American Fire Hose always identifies the Country of Origin, keeping you NFPA Compliant.   And North American Fire Hose is Proud to do this, because every hose and coupling, unless specifically stated, is made in the USA.

When your life is riding on the quality of the fire hose...
Choose North American Fire Hose

 Pound of Yarn
It's Just 1 Pound of Yarn

This is a photo of just one pound of Dura-Cord Nylon 6-6 warp yarn.   Consider what happens to the durability and margin of safety when several pounds of yarn are eliminated from the construction in order to save on the cost of raw materials.  This additional yarn is not required to meet the minium standard for burst, acceptence and service test pressures.  However, it is required to increase the abrasion, wear and cut resistance of the hose and provide a superior margin of safety for your firefighters.  
The difference is... your margin of safety. 
North American Fire Hose
10 Year
See the North American Fire Hose Catalog for the full manufacturers warranty statement

LIfetime Delamination Warranty.  All rubber lined municipal products utilize the Dura-Bond tm Process have a lifetime warranty against delamination for the life of the hose.

Municipal Fire Hose Warranty Policy
All Municipal Fire Hose Products, listed in the current Municipal Products Catalog, provided by North American Fire Hose Corporation shall be delivered in first-class condition, and shall be free from defects in the material and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of shipment...
Please see the current catalog for the full warranty statement and policy.

North American Fire Hose
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North American Fire Hose Hydrostatic testing
Every length of hose is Hydro-statically tested before it ships