Electric Driven PPV Fan

Single Speed, Electric Driven PPV Fans.

Tempest 16" Box Fan

Tempest Box Fan
Tempest Box Fan
Tempest Single Speed Electric blower.
Box Style

Model EBS-16   700-108

16" Blade Diameter
3200 CFM
1/3 HP, 115V AC.
18.75"W x 14.25"D x 19.5" H
47 lbs.

Tempest Single Speed Electric Fans

Tempest Electric Fan
Tempest Electric Fan 2
Tempest Single Speed Electric Fans.
Cart Style.

Tempest 115V Single Phase, 60 Cycle motors can be ordered with Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)  or Explosion Proof design motors. 

Hazardous Location Motors are intended for Class I, Group C&D and Class II, Group F&G Environments.

Tempest Single Speed Electric Fan Specifications

700-009   16" Diameter Blade, 1.5 HP,  11,804 CFM   18.50"W x 20.00"D x 20.50"W  66 lbs.
700-056   18" Diameter Blade, 1.0 HP,   8,748  CFM   22.25"W x 21.00"D x 24.00"W  71 lbs.
700-060   21" Diameter Blade, 1.0 HP,  11,968 CFM   25.00"W x 21.00"D x 26.00"W  75 lbs.