BlowHard Battery Driven Fan

Blow Hard BH-20
BlowHard Fan

The Right Tool for the Job!

DUAL POWER 115V-AC & On-Board Battery

BlowHard model BH-20 Compact PPV Fan, responds faster and produces more static pressure than most PPV fans in its class.   Use it for Positive Ventilation or turn it around and use it as an exhaust fan.  The BlowHard fan is efficient in both directions of air movement. 

With its built in powerful Lithium-Ion Battery, firefighters can start ventilation the moment the fan is set in place.  Tilt the head to the desired angle and turn the fan on.  That's it.  Forget extension cords, generators, blown fuses and angling chocks.    The motor is variable speed so you can use it in all situations including personal cooling during rehab.

CO calls and boiler backups in Multi-Level buildings don't have to be a hassle anymore.  Bring the BlowHard fan to the floor you need and leave the extension cords back at the rig.   Set it in the floor, turn the dial and ventilation has begun.  If you need to, plug it into a standard wall outlet and run off the buildings power without blowing a fuse.  You can't do that with a standard electric fan and gas powered fans just add CO to the mix.  

The BlowHard fan will operate from 20-80 minutes on battery power.  Need to run longer?  Plug it in to any 115V, 15Amp outlet.  The Fan motor ramps up to speed so it won't blow a breaker due to inrush current.

Compact Design.  The BlowHard Fan is only 24" x 24" x 10" when folded for storage.  Two BlowHard Fans take up about the same compartment space as one electric or gas operated fan, so you can carry two fans in the same space as one non-fold up fan  The entire unit weighs only 51 LBS, making it easy for one person to off load it and carry it to the scene with the attached strap.  

The automatic built in battery charger will keep your BlowHard fan fully charged at all times.

Blowhard Fan II

Size: 24" x 24" x 10"
Weight with Battery: 51 LBS
CFM: 10,200
Power: 110V 8 Amp on shore power
Battery:  Lithium-Ion  20-80 Minute   2000 Recharge cycles
Tilt:  5 - 90 Degrees
Motor control: Variable Speed - Soft Start
Charger:  Automatic on-board

BlowHard 111