Rapid Intervention Caps

Space Cap 1
Space Cap. Turn Your Pick Up into a "Rapid Intervention Unit"
Space Cap 2

Fire Police, Chief Vehicle, Light-Heavy Rescue

Limited By Your Imagination

The RIU, "Rapid Intervention Unit"  can be custom designed and used as a Chiefs Vehicle, Fire Police Vehicle, Light-Heavy Rescue, Rapid Extrication Vehicle or any use you can imagine.

We can custom design the cabinets and interior to fit your needs.   Install slide out trays in the body and take advantage of the entire cab length.  Store Air-Paks, SCBA Cylinders, Fire Extinguishers, Turnout gear, and hand tools in the side compartments. 

The beauty of the RIU is the entire body is customizable, set it up the way you want it and keep it for a life time.  Designed to fit on all American and most imported Pick Up Trucks the RIU will outlast the finest truck on the market.  But that's OK, drop it on a new pick up truck and you're back on the road.
Rapid Intervention 3

Slide Out Trays

Slide Out Trays... We can do that!

Chief, can you fit all the equipment you want in your Tahoe?  It's a great truck, but you're limited in what you can store and access.  

With an RIU Spacecap everything you need can be in easy reach.   Most of what you carry now can fit in the two Large and deep side compartments and be more accessible than having that gear in an SUV.  

Another wonderful feature is you can store your Air-Pak and Turnout Gear outside of the passanger compartment as required by NFPA.
60/40 Doors
60/40 Doors. 60% of the rear door opens towards the curb. 40% on the traffic side.
Side Doors
Large Side Compartments can fit a lot of equipment. We can customize the side compartments anyway you want.
Lots of Space
Heavy Duty Slide out Walls and Trays can be designed around your needs. Keep everything at hand for your "Rapid Intervention"
Fire Police
Even a well equipped van would have trouble carrying this load and 4 passengers for the Fire Police.
Swap it out
Swap out Pick Ups, but keep the RIU. Tell us the Brand and Paint Code of your truck and the factory will match the paint for you. Or we can paint it any color you want.
Swap out 2
Every Chief Gets a New Truck. Drop the RIU on the new truck, save your department thousands in customization year after year.

Insulated Body and Gasketed. Doors. Not your fathers pick up cap

Keep Your Equipment Dry.

The RIU is study.  Built on layer upon layer of insulated fiberglass, it's tough and attactive.   Each surface is actualy two surfaces, outside and inside.  Sandwiched between the two surfaces is a layer of insulation.   The insulation limits condensate on the inside of the cap.  It also adds the the quality feel of the entire cap.

The doors and compartments are gasketed so all your stuff stays cool and dry.   

The RIU utilizes all 304 stainless steel hardware, so it won't rust  and look worn and tired in a few years.  

The Rapid Intervention Unit is desiged for Firefighters not contractors.  It will do the job you need it to do and to look good year after year.