Scott Air-Pak X3

Scott AP X3
Air-Pak X-3 Callout 2

X3 Available Options

Quick Disconnect regulator hose.
Harness straps with Aviation Slides or Alligator Clips.
Pak Tracker Firefighter Locator System.
SEMS III Accountability System
EPIC Voice Amplifier
Escape "Bail Out" Rope built into your Air-Pak
Dual EBSS 
External Air-Line
Scott Safety Air-Pak X3
2013 Edition

When the call comes in, there is one SCBA trusted more than any other by firefighters and emergency responders throughout the world.  The "Scott Safety Air-Pak".  Scott Air-Paks are the most, durable, comfortable  and easy-to-use SCBA in the fire service and that's because Scott Safety Air-Paks are "Firefighter designed and tested". 

It comes as no surprise that for over 80 years, hundreds of thousands of firefighters rely on the Scott Air-Pak every day.  From Major Cities like FDNY and Philadelphia to Small towns across America, Scott Safety is there keeping us safe.  

The new Air-Pak X3 SCBA platform carries forward many of the features and designs of the previous Air-Pak models, including the redundant safety features, ease of use and durability Scott Air-Pak users have grown to trust. 

The Air-Pak X3 was designed with additional emphasis on enhancements to comfort, hose and wire management, weight distribution, fire ground communications and serviceability.

Scott Safety Air-Pak X-3

The Scott Air-Pak X-3 is the most advanced SCBA you can wear.  

Articulating Shoulder Strap.
The X-3 harness moves with you, not against you.  This simple change in design makes the X-3 the most comfortable Air-Pak you can wear.   Since our bodies move and flex at the shoulders, so should our Air-Pak.   When your back and shoulders move, the X-3 moves with you.   This simple features makes the X3 the most comfortable Air-Pak you can wear.

Hidden Hoses and Wires
The Scott Safety X3 tucks hoses and wires into the streamlined harness.  This removes extraneous obstructions that can hang you up on the fire ground.  The entire X3 Air-Pak is streamlined to reduce overall profile and weight. 

Waist Mounted Reducer.
The Scott Safety X3 put the pressure reducer down at the waist.  It is tucked behind the cylinder instead of in the front and on the side.  Just another streamline and weight reduction design feature. 

No-Cost, Optional Snap Change Cylinder Connection.
Connect the air cylinder to your Air-Pak with the threaded SCBA adaptor as you've done in the past, or opt for the "Snap Change Cylinder Option" at no additional cost.   Simple, fast and secure cylinder change outs.  Just snap it in place and you are ready to go.  

New Console design.
Large Sweep Gauge with external HUD.  You can see your cylinder pressure at a glance while your partners can see your HUD lights and alarms. 

4500 or 5500 PSI
The X3 can be ordered in 4500 PSI or 5500 PSI, giving you the option to increase your cylinder capacity without adding extra size and weight.   Go from a 30 minute 4.5 to 45 minute 5.5 without changing the overall Air-Pak profile or your truck mounting brackets.