Scott Eagle Attack

Scott Eagle Attack
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Scott Eagle Attack
Thermal Imager

The performance, quality and durability firefighters demand

The ultimate tactical camera
Thermal imagers come in a wide range of sizes and performance quality.  Smaller-sized imagers have typically sacrificed features and image quality for portability.  Larger imagers are feature rich, but can be bulky and less manageable in tight situations.   Welcome the Eagle Attack.  A Full Featured Thermal Imaging Camera with the best features of both the large and small camera in one tight, neat package.

Very light
At only 27 ounces, the Eagle Attack is one of the lightest and most feature rich, portable imagers in the industry.  The ergonomic, glove-ready handle is something you might not expect form a lightweight imager.  But despite its compact and light weight size,  it is designed with the durability you've come to rely on from a Scott Safety product.

Features you want
It's light weight but its heavy on features. The Eagle Imager has an ample display , a high degree dynamic range and a class leading resolution and sensitivity.  The Eagle Attack makes fire analysis quick and easy.   The lens isn't just high-functioning, its also protected by silicone bumpers in your choice of 4 colors.

Choose your options
The Eagle Attack can be customized to suit your changing needs.  The camera is available in grey scale or color imagery and offers the optional Scott thermal video recorder (TVR) digital recording capability to automatically capture every event for training and documentation purposes.  TVR allows you to download over four hours of video after the fact and the camera uses standard MP4 files so there is no special software needed.

The charger can be used on a desk or mounted in your truck.  The charger can be wired in tandem so you can power two or more off of one battery feed.   Each charger comes standard with a spare battery so you will never run out of power.  

Economically priced
The Eagle Imager is one of the finest thermal imaging cameras you can buy.  But its it so competitively priced, you can afford to outfit more of your teams. 

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