Scott Pak Tracker

Scott Pak-Tracker Locator
Hand Held Pak-Tracker Locator
Scott Pak-Tracker Individual

Stand-alone transmitter

 Scott Individual Pak-Tracker Transmitter

Attach to turnout gear or drop on your pocket.  Ties first responders into the Pak-Tracker Locator without having to wear a Scott Pak.
Pak-Tracker Locator.

When a firefighters PASS Alarm goes off will someone hear it?   Will someone find that firefighter in time? 

Locate trapped or downed first responder within a single or multi-story structure quickly and safely with the Scott Pak-Tracker Locator System.  Available as a stand-alone system deployed with or without an SCBA is integrated into a Scott Air-Pak.  The rugged, simple to use system functions on the principle of 2.4GHz RF signal strength received and is an invaluable tool for search and rescue operations.

  • Hand-Held receiver can monitor and scroll up to 36 personal transmitters
  • Utilizes three visual and audible indicators to direct the searcher to victims.
  • East-to-use, glove-friendly, push button operation of both personal transmitter and hand-held receiver
  • Automatic or manual activation of personal transmitter or activation of integrated system upon SCBA air activation
  • High-Intensity LED lights indicate battery power and signal strength
  • Location distance of greater than 900 feet line of sight.
  • Based on directional 2.4GHz RF Signal strength received from the transmitter
  • Lightweight personal transmitter for individual use, can be clipped on turnout gear or worn on person or integrated into Scott SCBA
  • Lightweight hand-held receiver is just 2.2 pounds

With today's flimsy building materials, the Pak-Tracker Locater is a must for all departments large and small.